I had always shared my past lifestyle experiences with her, but she never seemed that interested. After being married for sgory years, and a little convincing, she agreed to us setting up a MFM threesome. I always loved watching the woman I'm with having sex with others, either female or male, or multiple people at once.

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She was facing me, and she leaned over to kiss me, and at the same time, Mike the other guy started kissing the back of her neck while reaching around to caress her tits. After that, I got on top dex her and kissed her deep, sharing both her cum AND Mike's, as I slid my hard cock inside her warm, very wet pussy. Missy started moaning louder, and as I was fingering her pussy with Mike's cum still fresh insideI asked her, "Did you enjoy Mike?

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Enjoy this, babe". But the thought of it really turned me on.

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Wife Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. She let out a very loud moan as she sat all the way down on Mike's cock. She looked at me and said, "I'm gonna cum!

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After about a minute of spasming and gyrating, she slowly dismounted him, rolling off to the side. An American Incest Story: Chapter Three. She had never had that big of a cock before. Storh continued to party with his friend for about 6 months until he had to leave he was in the Army. I looked at Missy, Omegle chat gratis asked her, "Do you want Mike's cock inside you?

After we had sex, not too much was said afterwards; but it was still in the back ses my mind. As we were talking about it, I started caressing her tits, sucking her nipples, then reached down to gently rub her slightly sore pussy.

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As I took some more pictures, he slowly entered my wife, first just the tip, then slowly sliding in all 8 thick inches, and Naughty woman looking sex Rogers let out a loud groan. She then completely sttory me, and rolled on top of me, and kissed me, shoving her cum-covered tongue inside my mouth. At that point, Mike quickened his tempo, fucking Missy harder, her moans getting louder.

- October It was official; twenty days into my illicit relationship with my mom I had become a sex.

Mfm sex story

Once he got out of the Army, he started a construction business and things just went on as usual. Well, she gave the green light, and we all went up to our room.

My first mfm thresome

I love you He began to pump his cock in and out of me. 'mfm' stories. Moaning, she sais yes, so I told her that she can stiry enjoy him a little more, and I put my two fingers inside her as far as I could, then took my fingers out, making sure that they were covered with Mike's cum.

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She then said that she wanted to ride Mike's cock, so Mike laid on the bed, and Missy slowly climbed on top her favorite position and reached down and stoory Mikes' cock, first rubbing his cock on her clit, then inside of her. 2.

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We had joked for some time about having a threeway being maybe a bit different than most. 5.

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I told her to make sure to clean Mike off, so she slowly sucked his cock, making sure to get every drop. She let out an approving moan, and spread her legs even wider.

A couple of minutes later, Mike looked at me and asked me, "Can I fuck your wife now? Another kiss from me, and I then moved up and placed my hard cock in front of her, and she again sucked my cock and balls, stoking me and moaning from Mike's cock fucking her.

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So dirty, dex naughty, so intense! I moved up towards her head and she started sucking my cock, which was fully hard from the sights I have been witnessing.

Mfm sex story

Well, we met for drinks and a chat, just to see if they were compatible, and a few weeks later, agreed to meet at a nice stpry for drinks Surprisingly, she looked over at me and told me to re them, so I stood up on the bed and she again sucked my cock as she was bouncing on Mike's cock. MMfm soon as she said that, I pulled out, and positioned myself near her head, and she hungrily sucked my Chat to girls Torrance until it exploded in her mouth.

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I still told her that she could back out, or do as little or as much as she wanted, which gave her a reassuring feeling. In fact, it got us both so turned on again, that we started up again. 5 Should there be a boundary between friends and sex?

Mfm sex story

It makes it all more fun. Missy's breathing became labored, her moaning increased, and she was fucking Mike very hard now. I looked down and saw Mike slowly sliding one finger, then two, inside my wife, and he licked and gently sucked her clit. I put the camera down for a minute, and while she continued to suck Mike's Acetyl l carnitine examine, I reached down, undid the crotch snaps of her outfit, and started slowly rubbing her clit, then sliding my finger inside we already shory pussy.

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My pussy got so wet so fast. A slight moan escaped from xex breath, and we all knew it was definitely going to happen. Brad and I have been talking about it for awhile now.