Pumping beats, snorted some ket. Entered K-hole which is dark in Boomtown.

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Not really wild, but this guy tried to grind with me while I was wearing a CamelBak. Raves are gigantic dance parties that have been around since the s and continue to rage with vast popularity today. This last year at Outside Lands, I drank way too much on one of the days. At these mega storues parties, ravers.

20 wildest things that happened at a rave

Pumping beats, snorted some ket. I don't really like drugs. This was meant to be.

Rave stories

It was true love. The next thing I know, we're slobbin' on each other and finger blasting each other behind a pile of accordion cases.

Then the drug comedown wore off, and I realized I didn't really care anymore, so we stopped talking. Jean from Flickr says: We danced so hard, stores at Boomtown It was nice last night to go to Boomtown.

Rave stories

I hit it off with this guy camping next to me the first night of Sasquatch. In that order. In storues, if you asked me what my three biggest fears are, I would tell you rats, raves and death. I didn't care, it was awesome!

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I don't really like sweaty people jumping around my personal space. This is due to kidney failure following long term use. We exchanged s and met up a few days later for Swedish House Storjes, but nothing tops the Friday night. I went to a paint rave in college where I ended up hooking up with some random freshmen years younger than I was.

Great night though. I saw a beautiful girl at the sausage table, we made eye contact, started chatting. Anonymous but true stories from the depths of the dancefloor.

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In fact, if you asked me what my three biggest fears are, I would tell you rats, raves and death. And I definitely don't like sleeping storiws tents. He studied each one by one as they went past him, finally it got to my turn. I debated leaving right away, because the air was bitter - not normal for me a Brazilian.

Rave stories

Pretty sure we didn't even exchange names, we just started vigorously making out. Space to dance and quite empty : Well times change desu nee? The night was full, people were properly spaced out etories you could see it in the pupils, but everyone was friendly. I "blacked in" while making out with a guy with hair as long as mine.

It was incredibly uncomfortable.

The big book of ravers

I'm not a big ~music Rave stories person. Other deaths have occured due to a blend of ketamine and alcohol. Had sex in the Porta Potty. When the festival ended, we texted every day for about a week and vowed to make arrangements to see each other again because we live in different cities. As soon as my friends and I picked Lesbains on kik spot in front of the stage, I bumped into this really cute guy sitting next to us.

We ran into each other, and I mean, we obviously had to hook up. Anonymous but true stories from the depths of the dancefloor. Don't think I even looked toward the stage once the entire night, and our friends were making fun of us the entire time. While on the dance floor, I got splattered with paint and ended up getting a good amount stiries my eye. Bloody loved the Sex Dating in Bainbridge GA.

Adult parties. Got that ass, onto the next. We were freed from our respective med tents at the same time, and both individually decided to head to the sahara tent aka the rave Rsve.

20 wildest things that happened at a rave

We made out a lot during his set. The tunes upstairs were even better than those that greeted me. Real Life Rave Confessions. Loved the second floor, downstairs was a bit much for me, but the large space and awesome building made my night.

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And lots of those tend to happen at music festivals. I don't really get why DJs are cool. By Candice Jalili Aug.

Rave stories

I have some experience with Ketaminebut not in the club. I looked him in his eye surrounded by tattoos he waved has hand and in I went to the pounding tunes. Ambulance says: Ketamine Wi classifieds has resulted in the deaths of two individuals in the last Rwve.

Rave stories

Entered K-hole which is dark in Boomtown. I went to the line and saw a massive queue.

Rave stories

I decided to continue dancing with this guy because I thought he resembled of one of my favorite DJs. Real good.

In that order. They didn't even exchange names.